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Climate change and current environmental risks are global challenges that need collaboration to solve. The Planet Life is a platform to connect, inspire and mobilise a community creating positive impact and empower sustainable growth.
tropical forests lost per day
species extinct every year
plastic enters oceans every day
air pollution premature deaths


The Planet Life provides a platform to work together towards a better future for humankind and our planet. We bridge the gap between ecological initiatives and the greater society. Through knowledge sharing we aim to inspire, create awareness and encourage the community to connect, collaborate and explore.

The condition in which future generations will inherit our planet depends on our attitude and the actions we take today. Our events strive to build a global community of environmental advocates promoting change and innovation for positive impact on the planet.

“In the space of one human lifetime, all has changed, the Garden of Eden is no more.”

- David Attenborough

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Browse a growing repository of eco-friendly solutions, stories and initiatives creating a lasting positive impact on our lives and the planet.

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