We are building a solution-focused ecosystem around the global challenges we're facing today

The condition in which future generations will inherit our planet depends on our attitude and the actions we take today.

We believe in giving every individual the opportunity to make an impact beyond personal lifestyle choices.

It’s time to unlock the world's knowledge and turn a sustainable society into a reality.

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A place to share knowledge, discover solutions and take action as a community

As we face the world’s greatest environmental challenges, what we need most are communities to scale and normalise solutions. The Planet Life is a creative hub that supports and accelerates climate solutions around the world through the spirit of community knowledge and sharing.

We leverage society for change at scale. The Planet Life raises awareness of interesting projects and opportunities. We help scale up existing working solutions & systems and provide opportunities for people to be part of the solution.

As a platform for collaborative innovation, we exist to empower people in taking action and collaborate towards a healthy future for planet and humanity. Let’s turn a sustainable society into a reality.

bringing people and solutions together

Our mission is to create space for emerging communities to accelerate, scale and normalise the foundations of the 'economy in service to life’.

For citizens

A learning platform to accelerate impact

Join our community and contribute to environmental projects tailored to your interest. We enable each individual to develop their personal potential and grow the opportunity to build a new future together. Become a member, take action and gain personal growth.

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For entrepreneurs

Collaborating for innovation

We provide a space for entrepreneurs and organisations to connect, share challenges and find real solutions through collaboration. We work with startups to problem-solve from within, providing design and strategy consulting services to scale up existing working solutions & systems.

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A collection of articles, insights and opportunities on the latest in environmental impact

Find our content on Medium and browse through monthly curated articles, insights and opportunities. Interested in publishing your writing on our page? Get in touch and we’ll give you a voice.

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